How it works

Delivering quality: How the process works

1 To begin the Client dials the Vuescribe toll free 1-800 number [1]. They are prompted to enter their identification number and the codes corresponding to the type of report, etc.
2 The telephone dictation service records the entire dictation and digitizes the audio. The demographic information is included in the file, which is encrypted and stored on the secure server in compliance with HIPPA regulations.
3 The Vuescribe Workflow Management Software in the US securely transfers the file to our HIPPA compliant storage. The doctor and patient ID numbers are read by the system and used to create a new work order which is then passed to the Medical Records Administrator.
4 The MRA assigns the work to the most suitable Medical Transcriptionist, according to the MT’s experience with the specialty, additional professional qualifications that the MT has in the field, previous experience with the specific client, etc.
5 The transcriptionist listens to the whole dictated file once, then rewinds and begins the transcription. During the transcription the MT will conduct primary Quality Control by pausing to check spellings of medical terms, drugs and names of doctors and hospitals as necessary. The MT will also double check to verify that the prescribed medicines are available in the dosages specified. Once the file is completed the MT will listen to the file completely again in order to ensure that nothing was missed. Once the file is signed off by the MT it is checked back into the system and put in the job queue for the Medical Editor. The editor listens to the file while reading the transcript, then goes back to verify the content, as well as the grammar and syntax of the file. This is a crucial step in certifying the accuracy of the final transcript. The edited file is then checked in to the system and queued for inspection by the Quality Control supervisor. The quality control supervisor checks the accuracy of the file. The Vuescribe QC staff include Doctors and Registered Nurses who bring additional expertise to the final certification and sign off.
6 The transcription is now ready to be dispatched to the client.
The file quality certification is verified by the MRA, the file length, billing information and production statistics are exported to accounting.
7 A message is sent to the client that the file is ready for download through our secure website, or through email. A statement and invoice is sent to the client at monthly intervals.