Dictation system

To access the dictation system dial:


When the dictation system answers your call, enter your access code followed by the # key. If you make a mistake while entering your access code, press the * key to start again.

You do not have to listen to the entire prompt before pressing the next button.

Once the system accepts your code, you can listen to the list of the record controls, which are:

  1. Record (at end)
  2. Done. Send high priority (system reads back dictation  number, sends the dictation and starts a new dictation)
  3. Review (skip back and play)
  4. Stop/Pause (pause, you must press 1 to begin recording again)
  5. Fast forward (press 4 during fast forward to review where you are)
  6. Go to Start.
  7. Read back current dictation number
  8. Get Job Number.
  9. Go to the end
  10. Done

#    Send normal priority (system reads back dictation number, sends the dictation and starts a new dictation)
*     Disconnect (system does not read back the dictation number, just sends the dictation normal priority and disconnects)

If you ever don’t know where you are in the recording, press 9 to go to the end of a recording.

If you are silent for more than 30 seconds, the system will automatically stop. If there is no activity after a further 60 seconds, the system will disconnect.

Press ‘5’ every 30 seconds to keep the line active.