Medical Transcription Services

The Vuescribe medical transcription operation, based in Manila, Philippines is staffed by trained Medical Transcriptionists. In addition to providing continuing professional development and training, our MTs are certified medical language specialists and many have completed training in healthcare or allied health professions. Together we put pride in our professional integrity to ensure the highest levels of accuracy, productivity and privacy.

Our Service Guarantee:

  • Industry leading 98% accuracy or better
  • 15 hour turnaround standard
  • Stat and rush delivery available
  • Trained medical professionals and Quality Control supervision on site
  • Highest level of customer care and professional pride.

Here is what you do:

When you are ready to dictate a report you call our 1-800 toll free line and enter your login information and begin dictating your report. Our staff will transcribe, verify edit and QC your report. Within the timeframe you specify. You are alerted via email once the report is ready for download.



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